Laila & Me @ The Dog House : Dehydrated Duck Jerky

Laila & Me @ The Dog House : Dehydrated Duck Jerky

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Duck meat is one of the best proteins to give your pet as it is lean, clean, and low in saturated fats. Packed with iron, amino acids and the ‘good fats’, our Duck Jerky is the perfect snack for a pet on a diet, or to give an energy boost on a long walk or training session.

Many vets suggest a duck-based diet over a chicken based diet, as chicken has a reputation for causing allergies in pets (plus a lot of headaches and vet bills for their humans!). 

Duck Jerky is easy to digest, thinly sliced, and dehydrated and therefore is a great option for a training treat that can be snapped up into smaller pieces.

  • One-Ingredient (Duck Jerky)
  • High in Protein, Zinc and Iron
  • No Artificial Flavours of Colours
  • Rich in Taurine
  • 100% Australian sourced and made