About Us

Being born in Alice Springs, and being avid animal lovers, we understand the challenges finding quality and reliable care for your furry, feather or scaled family members. Alice Springs residents often rely on the kindness of family and friends to care for their beloved pets or resort to traditional dog kennels, catteries or other boarding facilities when needed.

 We were determined to create an alternative for pet owners, somewhere that high quality, personalised care is provided to your beloved family members, so we opened our animal boarding facility and shop front to add to the previous services we have been offering since 2016 (pet and home minding, obedience classes, gourmet pet food and treats and canine socialisation).  

 We have a small dog boarding facility, which unlike other dog boarding facilities where 30 or more dogs may be housed (in a traditional kennel set up) - we cater for a small number of dogs, allowing each dog to have as much stimulation and play with other dogs as possible. We have extensive experience with socialising dogs and have an experienced dog trainer on site. All dogs, sleep inside (in an actual building, not in a shed!) with air-conditioning for the warmer months and heating in the cooler months. There is a nice area for dogs to socialise in, which has plenty of shade, shell pools for cooling off in and a misting system to keep the yard nice and cool in the summer months!

 We have a small cat boarding facility, unlike other cat boarding facilities that may house more cats, we cater for a small number of cats, allowing the cats to have plenty of personal time in our large cat play area! All cats sleep inside with air-conditioning for the warmer months and heating in the cooler months.

 We also happily accommodate other small animals, who we treat with the upmost love and personalised care!

 As mentioned previously, animal boarding isn't all we do!

  • We are passionate about dog nutrition and we sell gourmet pet food and treats including biologically appropriate raw food, raw meaty bones, holistic health boosters and we stock Ziwi Peak dog and cat food too!
  • We offer doggy day care / canine socialisation.
  • We offer group and one-on-one dog obedience and behavioural training. 
  • We offer a pet and home minding service where we provide regular visits to feed your pets, give them love and company and ensure they are happy and healthy.

 Please feel free to enquire further by contacting us

P: (08)89550201

E: doghousekennels@outlook.com 

 Or in person at 17B Brown Street, Ciccone, Alice Springs (corner of Smith and Brown Streets).

Lots of love,

The Dog House Team