Gourmet Stuffed Treats (FROZEN)


* BUSY BIRDS *chicken frames stuffed with a variety of goodies)

* HAPPY HOOVES * Beef Hoof stuffed with a variety of goodies)

* CHEWBIES  * Beef Trachea stuffed with a variety of goodies)

Filling varies but may include:
- Mince (chicken, beef, kangaroo, green tripe, etc)
- Fish
- Organ & mussel meats
- Egg
- Fish
- Bones (chicken necks, duck wings, salmon belly fins, pork pieces, etc)
- Dehydrated Treats

There are plenty of benefits to these frozen tasty meals!

- Plenty of mental and physical stimulation
- Great exercise for your dogs jaw muscles
- Create a positive chewing habit and help prevent unwanted destructive behaviours
- Helps to clean your dogs teeth
- They are packed full of minerals and nutrients
- Excellent occasional meals & special treat
- Great to keep your pooch cool in Summer


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